Active projects

Projects that I am currently working on or that are likely to receive updates in the near future.

Setlist to Playlist

March 2019 – Present

Setlist to Playlist is a web application that searches for the setlist of an artist in and creates a playlist on Spotify with the retrieved tracks.


February 2016 – Present

Iris is an open-source raytracer written in C++ that embeds Lua to assemble scenes to be traced.


March 2017 – Present

Ostinato is a memory skill game under development in Unity3D using C#. It takes inspiration from the classic Simon eletronic game.

Archived projects

Completed projects or projects unlikely to receive new updates in the near future.


A 3D puzzle game developed in Unity3D using C#. It uses maze generation algorithms to create unique challenges for the player.

Source Code

Fight Society

A reaction game developed using C# and Unity3D. Developed by a team of four people in a sprint of 1 week as an independent study.

Source Code
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